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FSP is an umbrella program which provides community, support, and oversight for homeschooling families.

Upcoming FSP Events

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New Homeschooling Families Welcome!

If you know someone interesting in homeschool or you are checking out our website because you are interested in beginning to homeschool,  please let us know!  We want to hear from you!  You can use the contact form on this website or email directly.  Many are using this home quarantine time to explore more about homeschooling. We can help you navigate what it looks like to jump into homeschooling now or in the future.  We offer K-12 support with experienced homeschooling reviewers who are here to help and guide you. Check us out!

Check our our Facebook Page!

Are you looking for some ideas of new activities, classes or videos to watch with your students? We are posting regularly to our Facebook page, Family Schools Program of CLC ( to help you find new material and ideas on ways to use your time during the COVID-19 “stay home” guidelines from the Governor.

COVID-19 Policies

We will not be returning for SOAR or Tutorial Classes, and all other FSP activities are canceled until further notice.  We are praying this season will be over soon but we can’t predict the future.  We are lifting you all up to our Lord for His protection and presence.  He is in control of all.  Keep checking back here if you are wondering about our COVID-19 policies.  We are following all of Governor Hogan’s recommendations and only coming into the office to pick something up or do a quick task.  Candy is keeping up with emails from home and continuing to do some office tasks remotely.  Please follow our Facebook page Family Schools Program of CLC (, if you haven’t already.  We are posting some fun activities, online classes and seminars that will help you supplement your homeschooling while you are limited in your outside classes and activities.  Contact us via email if you need anything. We will continue to support you.

Have you had your Mid-Year Review yet?

If you were unable to make it to the Teacher Conference Day, Saturday January 25, 2020, and have not yet met with your reviewer, take some time while we are all on home quarantine to contact your reviewer for a quick mid year check in.   If you are having trouble scheduling a mid year review please contact the FSP Office, email Candy at


  • "Thank you for all that you are doing in FSP, with the tea and the other community nights. I was so blown-away and encouraged at the tea! I didn't know what to expect and it was such a wonderful time together."
  • "You all did an AMAZING job pulling all of this morning's Tea together. It was beautiful, lovely, well thought through and every lady at my table was touched by your thoughtfulness and the sense that God had gone before them."


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