New Homeschooling Families Welcome!

If you know someone interesting in homeschool or you are checking out our website because you are interested in beginning to homeschool,  please let us know!  We want to hear from you!  You can use the contact form on this website or email directly.  Many are using this home quarantine time to explore more about homeschooling. We can help you navigate what it looks like to jump into homeschooling now or in the future.  We offer K-12 support with experienced homeschooling reviewers who are here to help and guide you. Check us out!

Check our our Facebook Page!

Are you looking for some ideas of new activities, classes or videos to watch with your students? We are posting regularly to our Facebook page, Family Schools Program of CLC ( to help you find new material and ideas on ways to use your time during the COVID-19 “stay home” guidelines from the Governor.

COVID-19 Policies

We are not sure how/when things will get back to “normal” or some semblance of normal.  We are moving forward with making reservations for classrooms for next school year.  Our hope is that we will be able to be back in the classrooms in September but we will have to wait and see how the phases of re-entry will affect us.  The 2019-2020 school year is essentially over except for final reviews. We have postponed our graduation ceremony to Saturday, August 1, 2020.  We are hoping to be able to meet together for a small graduation program with limited family and friends by then.  We are praying this season will be over soon but we can’t predict the future.  We are lifting you all up to our Lord for His protection and presence.  He is in control of all.  Keep checking back here if you are wondering about our COVID-19 policies.  We are following all of Governor Hogan’s recommendations and only coming into the office to pick something up or do a quick task.   Candy is keeping up with emails from home and continuing to do some office tasks remotely.  Please follow our Facebook page Family Schools Program of CLC...

THIS THURSDAY!! Teacher Training: The Emotional Well Being of Your Students

Since we did not have a midyear meeting, we’ll be using the beginning of our time on Thursday to update you with some FSP notes.  Our keynote speaker for the evening is Jessica Shen, a local, licensed, clinical social worker who specializes with children, teens and families.  Jessica’s insight and wisdom will help us to understand the importance of emotional wellness practices as we relate to our children.   Please feel free to invite others, even those outside of the homeschooling network.   Your RSVP will be helpful to us in planning for this evening. You don’t want to miss this!  Please let us know  whether or not you will be attending.  You can email Janet Segui directly at Thanks!  We hope to see you then!  

Have you had your Mid-Year Review yet?

If you were unable to make it to the Teacher Conference Day, Saturday January 25, 2020, and have not yet met with your reviewer, take some time while we are all on home quarantine to contact your reviewer for a quick mid year check in.   If you are having trouble scheduling a mid year review please contact the FSP Office, email Candy at

Teacher Training: Building Your Student’s Activities Resume

On Thursday, October 10, 7pm in the Edwards Room here at Covenant Life Church, we will be gathering to discuss some great strategies for putting together an Activities Resume for your student.  This is targeted at high school students preparing for college application but middle school families can also benefit from this workshop.  The earlier you start the more complete your Activities Resume will be.  We hope to see lots of you there!

Senior Class Picnic Meeting, Sept 15, 4pm

Just a reminder that our very important picnic/meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, September 15, 4pm-7pm for all seniors and their parents to attend (no siblings, please).  We will be meeting at the Tates’ home, 9021 Harris Street, Frederick,  MD 21704. Right now, only 3 families are signed up to attend…..we really need all families in attendance.  Also,  we’ll be having a taco meal, and everybody will need to bring something.  (As of now, we’ll only be eating beans with cheese, and chips with salsa.)  Please see this SignUpGenius link to RSVP and choose your contribution slot: PLEASE RVSP to let us know if you will be attending the picnic/meeting and what you will be bringing.  If we only have 3 families attending, we will have to reschedule. Thanks!  We are looking forward to celebrating your senior year with you!

Google Drive Training Night Cancelled!

If you need some help understanding how to access and enter your student info into our Google Drive folders, we are happy to assist you.  We didn’t have enough families able to come out to the scheduled training night.  We will be trying to meet with anyone who wants help with the Google Drive folders so we can help them one on one.  If that is you, please contact us to set up a time to come to the FSP office and work with one of us to help you feel more comfortable with the file system. Contact us at or to let us know you would like to set up an appointment.

Summer Camps here at Covenant Life!

The Covenant Life School has organized some fun and interesting summer camps for all ages.  They are offering  history, theatre, art, gymnastics for preschoolers, STEM, Karate, and various sports camps.  Check out the camps info here.  My favorites are the History Camp and the Theatre Camps but I’m sure you will find many your students will enjoy among these options.

Schedule Your End of Year Review!

You will be hearing from your reviewers soon, if you haven’t already, to schedule your end of year review.  This year our reviews will look a bit different.  We will be conducting video reviews.  Your reviewer will want to see some samples of your student’s work and progress this year.  Be sure to have those ready so you can easily show them to the video camera when you are video conferencing.  Email your reviewer any grade reports from online classes or your students have taken or any tutorial type class.  Have samples of writing, tests from Math and Science, and projects your student has completed ready for your reviewer to see.  We want you to feel cared for and not just reviewed so be sure to talk to your reviewer about any issues you are having relating to home schooling.  We have wonderful reviewers who have a wealth of knowledge to share.  If you don’t hear from your reviewer soon please feel free to reach out to us at the FSP office or to your reviewer.  Final reviews and grades should be completed by June 30.

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