Schedule Your End of Year Review!

You will be hearing from your reviewers soon, if you haven’t already, to schedule your end of year review.  This year our reviews will look a bit different.  We will be conducting video reviews.  Your reviewer will want to see some samples of your student’s work and progress this year.  Be sure to have those ready so you can easily show them to the video camera when you are video conferencing.  Email your reviewer any grade reports from online classes or your students have taken or any tutorial type class.  Have samples of writing, tests from Math and Science, and projects your student has completed ready for your reviewer to see.  We want you to feel cared for and not just reviewed so be sure to talk to your reviewer about any issues you are having relating to home schooling.  We have wonderful reviewers who have a wealth of knowledge to share.  If you don’t hear from your reviewer soon please feel free to reach out to us at the FSP office or to your reviewer.  Final reviews and grades should be completed by June 30.